A look into the mind of the Monster.



Ok, quick note from a mobile device....
I am sitting at a suburban Starbucks...anyone who knows me, knows how weird that sentence alone is, but my defense is it's a work thing.
However, I am marveling at an odd ill social function i am bearing witness to.
I consider myself a 'rider'....meaning I not only own motorcycles but ride the damn things every chance I get. Often not to get someplace but just to RIDE it.
As in turn miles on the clock...as in eat bugs...as in get a sore ass and often a weird sunburn.
I am surrounded by guys who are 'living the dream.'
They own motorcycles (several of them $10000+ machines)... And they rode them here to hang out.

At Starbucks.

I am used to the 'bar hopper' riders....the guys who ride from biker bar to biker bar to swagger around and act like outlaws for a ill bit.

But Starbucks?


In someway, society has failed these people. They can't even get 'being a antisocial badass' right.

I need to go eat some bugs.

L5 is now on YouTube!!

True...soooo true.

Go share it around folks...the more buzz we can get, the more steam we have for more episodes!