A look into the mind of the Monster.


Pennsic fever.

Tonight is the night. In truth this has been coming for days...but now it is here. I can't sleep. Normally, I shut down like a machine and sleep like a dead man. It is a skill I gained over years in the Army. Sleep for me is almost always easy, automatic and uncomplicated. Not tonight. There is a simple word why....but the reason is complex. PENNSIC. War comes. It is three AM and my hands are shaking so hard I can hardly type. Every time I close my eyes...I am on the field. It is not fear...it is excitement. It is joy. It is longing. A longing so deep and wide I don't know if I can make it to the other side. I need drums. I need to be so beaten and exhausted I can't help but sleep. I need to know that in the morning my Crown needs my sword sharp and fast. I need the peace that right now can only be found at War.