A look into the mind of the Monster.


There is some good news....LOL


Sorry for this…

Today is one of those days.
I hate this…I feel crippled and crushed.
I hate money…the idea of money, the fact that there is never enough.
Most of all I HATE the fact that the lack of it keeps me from doing anything.
I understand I can’t go jetting around the world…driving gold plated cars and shooting silver bullets into the air.
But what’s worse is when the things I want to do to feel good about myself and my life are out of reach.
What kills me is when I work to get something done, to build or make something and for the lack of 10 dollars I can’t finish it.
I hate not having the ability to go to a weekend SCA event…an event that cost 5 bucks. Because I don’t have 5 extra dollars…much less can’t afford the gas to get there.
I hate scrounging change to pay for things…to stand in a checkout line counting nickels.
There is money out there, and there is a plan to get it. We are so close to it…but there is nothing I can do to get it.

Sorry…this had to get out of me somehow.