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Sorry for this…

Today is one of those days.
I hate this…I feel crippled and crushed.
I hate money…the idea of money, the fact that there is never enough.
Most of all I HATE the fact that the lack of it keeps me from doing anything.
I understand I can’t go jetting around the world…driving gold plated cars and shooting silver bullets into the air.
But what’s worse is when the things I want to do to feel good about myself and my life are out of reach.
What kills me is when I work to get something done, to build or make something and for the lack of 10 dollars I can’t finish it.
I hate not having the ability to go to a weekend SCA event…an event that cost 5 bucks. Because I don’t have 5 extra dollars…much less can’t afford the gas to get there.
I hate scrounging change to pay for things…to stand in a checkout line counting nickels.
There is money out there, and there is a plan to get it. We are so close to it…but there is nothing I can do to get it.

Sorry…this had to get out of me somehow.

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  1. Money's a poison in this world my friend, as much as we hate it, this economy keeps sucking it down like it's mother's milk.

    If we never depended on money and were able to simply be able to do things based on good will, it'd be a huge step towards a utopian society, however we are all suspicious and lack trust in anyone, and we have good reason to considering we all scrounge for anything we can, and will do whatever it takes to get it even if it hurts others.

    We'll find a way eventually to break free of this vicious cycle that money's driven us around in for so long, we just need the will and patience to put it into practice.

    - M