A look into the mind of the Monster.


Lil vid from the Saving Private Ryan game at Fox paintball on May 7th.
Due to Operator Headspace and Timing and some Technical Difficulties...I didn't get a whole lot of usable footage.
This is my first attempt at integrating a map overlay into my vids...whatcha think?


Coming soon...

I have a couple of irons in the fire...doing some Top Secret work in the prop shop, but I am making a few workshop vids as I do it. One day, when it all gets declassified, mayhap I'll share with ya'll.

Elsewise...I am making preps for a big scenario game this Saturday the 7th of May at Fox Paintball.
The game is based on Saving Private Ryan and the folks I run with, Team Phalanx, will be commanding the German side. YEAH FOR BEING BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!!
Here are some link thingies  Fox Paintball and Team Phalanx  
Anyway, there are about 8-10 of us on the team with camera set ups, and I am making arrangements to gather everyones footage and make one giant video of the game from the winning side...which will of course be us.

Also..I'll being [hopefully] getting Project Prowler fired up and making a $hittonne of noise sometime soon...and of course, I'll be sharing that with ya'll.