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Coming soon...

I have a couple of irons in the fire...doing some Top Secret work in the prop shop, but I am making a few workshop vids as I do it. One day, when it all gets declassified, mayhap I'll share with ya'll.

Elsewise...I am making preps for a big scenario game this Saturday the 7th of May at Fox Paintball.
The game is based on Saving Private Ryan and the folks I run with, Team Phalanx, will be commanding the German side. YEAH FOR BEING BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!!
Here are some link thingies  Fox Paintball and Team Phalanx  
Anyway, there are about 8-10 of us on the team with camera set ups, and I am making arrangements to gather everyones footage and make one giant video of the game from the winning side...which will of course be us.

Also..I'll being [hopefully] getting Project Prowler fired up and making a $hittonne of noise sometime soon...and of course, I'll be sharing that with ya'll.

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