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A lil update on what to expect....

As I alluded too, there will be some new paintball vids coming from me soon.
I have been working out different ideas for action camera..trying to get something decent for as little coin as possible.
While there are a slew of HD helmet cams out on the market now...I decided to go with slightly lower tech.
The reasons are many....
One of them is price. The 'best' price going for a HD helmet cam is around $200.
Another is I wanted something that is good for Youtube...I ain't shooting IMAX, so do I need anything more than good SD?
I figured not.
Soooo...for about $70 bucks I secured a SD helmet camera from Midland.
One reason the price is so good...is that is not really marketed that much as an "extreme sports' camera...it is mainly aimed at hunters and 'regular' outdoors types.
I also have an Oregon Scientific ATC2K camera that will be used as a gun-cam/odd angle cam.
Both of these cams shoot Digital video in 640 X 480 VGA at 30 frames per second and record straight to SD/Flash cards.
640 X 480 is fine for Youtube and the ilk.

Would I like to have something like a Contour HD GPS, that not only shoots 1050 HD but tracks speed/elevation and such? Sure.

I'd also like to be the King of all Londonuiam and wear a shiny hat.

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