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Paintball vids..another round.

Well, since I had to do another work day at Fox Paintball as part of the sponsorship deal, I brought my kit again.
Got to play a couple of open games.
I am enjoying the learning curve on the video editing stuff, and having something to look back on rather than my memory is damn helpful.
Here are a couple of vids... Once again I do one with a commentary track.
I also made a funtime video from another game.Still figuring out what is better...me yacking or just letting them roll.
I am running into issues with my music choices though.  It seems Youtube likes to kill the audio on every 3rd vid I post. They offer some music to replace the erased audio, but i like to still have the native sounds in there a lil bit.
Guess I need to figure out this whole metadata thing....


  1. great vid's more newbees should take pointers from your narration

  2. Thanks.
    If I can help one new player pick up some tricks...I am happy.
    Thanks for the feedback.