A look into the mind of the Monster.


Of Dogs and Doctors.

So there is this “Inspirational Image” making the rounds on social media.

This bothers me. I understand it is supposed to make the thought of death easier, more palatable even.
However I find this to be, for the most part a Not Good Thing™.
My issue is, in main, that it attempts to both relegate humans to the role of subservient ‘pet’ and to make that sound appealing. Your death is of no consequence because once you pass over you will be with your master. This idea also implicitly de-values life, and the effort to keep it.

Is the best answer to give a man concerned about his looming death, “Don’t worry, as soon as you can escape this pain and horror you will get a scratch on the head and a cookie.” How does that idea; that the answer to (a completely rational) fear is to just accept your Heavenly Reward, jive with the whole sanctity of life idea?
How about we treat the sickness? How about we apply every single thing we have at our disposal to lessen suffering, pain, and death. But to do that, we would have to make a couple of, what for theist seem to be, uncomfortable assumptions. 

First, that we can trust science. That through biology and medical study we can actually change things about our own bodies and the world around us.
Secondly, and this seems to be a big one, that not only can we affect this changes but that we have a moral obligation to do so. That when presented with a choice/challenge; be it medical, social, or political WE have not only the ability to make decisions based on relative data…but we have the obligation to do so. To accept that we have accountability to ourselves and our fellow humans for these choices, and not to shunt that responsibility to some other entity.

In this instance, I am to find ‘inspirational’ the idea that if I just blindly love something I cannot see, then all things shall be well in the end?
Sorry, I want my doctor more worried about my white blood cell count than my relationship with the kennel owner in the sky.

As always, I ask that if you don't agree with me...please, please speak up.
I want to have discussions with folks that see thing differently.
Feel free to comment, just please keep it to a low roar...OK?

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