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As promised, here is a State of the Suit Address.

Yesterday Stanley and I met with Brian, the engineer who is working with us on the MARK IV.
We got a shipment of fresh shiny bearings in, and Brian was helping us make some presice mesurements and then laser cutting the spacers and mounting hardware.If that ain't building with science...I don't know what is.
Here are the bearings freshly unwrapped.
While pretty damn close to exactly what we needed, they where not ready to go straight out of the box. the holes you see in the pic are not in fact holes...they are divots for lil plastic tabs..so we had to drill them through. We also countersunk them so that the hardware we used to mount them would be flush. This resulted in a fair amount of Aluminium shavings in the bearings and races....so I spent a good while taking them apart, cleaning, re-lubing them and putting each ball bearing back in them...one by one.
Then with a little tweaking and adjustment..they got mounted on the HUT...
Next steps are to begin sleeve construction and finish the HUT covering.
Overall the hardest thing was keeping the bearings away from Stanley...

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