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Update on the MARK IV, Ver. 4

As promised, here is a quick update on the status of the construction of the EMU/EVA for L5.

We have all the structural Shell Shock down, and this thing is tough!
How tough you ask? Welllll....it survived a 2+ foot fall onto concrete with nary a scratch.
I thought Stanley had a hold of it...Stanley thought I had it...but gravity had it...boom crash and my heart stopped.
No damage...I am again impressed with Shell Shock.
The only draw back is, it is difficult to get a butter smooth surface because of the shape of the suit.
This is not a failing of the material, but of the shape of the suit. As the Shell Shock dries, it is still a lil fluid, and runs down the curves of the suit a bit. This causes some 'texture' to appear. I think we could overcome this by building the suit up and sanding it...but that would take more material than I think we can afford to buy. Therefore we will be adding a skin of fabric to the shell using the same stuff we will be making the softsuit from.

Ok...enough jabber...here are pictures!!
Here the HUT has the PLS (Primary Life Support) and the SLSC (Secondary Life Support Controls) mocked out.

Here is a front view...the hyper observant will note that the SLCS on the front looks a bit crooked. Yes it does. That is an arifact of the it not being a perfectly square box...and the fact it might be mounted a lil off.
Shut up....It's a mock up!!
As you can see here...when worn it looks better...also now it is me that is crooked so there.
Side view as worn....
Here is a shot of me kneeling in the suit...movement is good although it is getting heavy...around 15 lbs so far.
Also done...we got the mounting points for the arm bearing done, as well as the helmet mount ring. We also figured out how we are going to make the helmet snap in place...which is gonna require a bit of hardware manufacture.Also need the spheres to actually get SHIPPED!!
A quick Video from the workshop fitting.

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