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Another good day in space....

Well, we did a lil more shooting today for L5, quick thoughts from me...
Once again got to run around in the spacesuits.
Overall...I think they worked pretty well.
I think they look damn good on camera, and they definitely impart some (forgive me!) gravity to the performances.
The Crew seem to also be pleased with them.
Had a couple of issues with the helmets today, but the locking rings are just keyholed MDF since we didn't want to wait on milled aluminum ones (like we need to spend that money anyway...) so they are kinda wearing out already.
The soft kits held up well, although the sleeves and pants needed to monitered to make sure all the connections stay closed.
The PLS/Backpacks even stayed mounted after repeatdly bashing into the ground during a couple of minor stunt falls. Not gonna lie to ya folks...had a couple of heart-stopping moments during Will's falls, what with the big badda boom noise and all. I just envisioned total failure of the suit, with several scenes still to go in the day.
But they held...minor damage and lots of scuffs...but kinda what we wanted anyway.
Only shot I have been able to snag so far...thanks Tom! 

I still suck at taking pictures on set...but I pray you forgive me, what with the wearing of no less than 2 hats and all.
Speaking of which, I still have Production Design work to do for the Saturday shoot...so back in the hole I go.

PS> I know I am short, stop telling me about it ok?

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