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Few notes from Shooting L5 yesterday...

I know I did a VLOG already today...
But i wanted to do a quick note with some pics of the suits on set.
There are a few shots floating around the interwebs....
Here they are
This a a shot of me during the first run of suiting up on set. This is only the second time I had all the parts of the suit in one place, and the first time I had put it all on together...
Here I am with everything on, sans helmet. Note the rope...it later got set to be attached to both points on the waist bearing.
Here is a shot of me and Will suited up and talking with Stanley the director.

Couple of 'behind the scenes' shots of us doing a scene.
Here is a good one of Will doing his Hero bit...I got to also do some work with the close-up rig...but I don't think there are pics of that...sigh.

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